Smartphones, tablets, and laptops make it possible for anyone to get online anytime they please and from just about anywhere. With data connections and Wi-Fi hotspots being available throughout cities, people are turning to the internet more and more to find what they’re looking for. Businesses have to take advantage of this if they’d like to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Start With a Website

If a customer notices the name of a business somewhere, they might do a search online to learn more about the business and to see if it has anything they might need. Often, they’ll look for something else if the business doesn’t have a website they can view. Time is at a premium now more than ever, so a website they can check quickly on a portable device makes it easier for them to find out if they need to stop by a store.

Focus on Optimization

Websites aren’t going to reach out to potential customers on their own. While it’s possible to find the website if they know the store name, it’s far more common for consumers to just search for what they need. They’ll do a general search and be presented with the websites of stores that might be able to help them. If a website isn’t properly optimized, it’s not going to be on the first page and they’re not too likely to see it. An astounding 75% of people will not click past the first page.

Branch Out to Social Media

Once the website is set up and optimized properly, the next goal is to reach out to consumers who aren’t actively looking for a product yet. They might not know they need it. Through small business marketing, these customers can be reached, and they can learn about the product they didn’t know they needed. Using social media to connect with potential customers enables business owners to showcase their products in an environment where they’re likely to be noticed.

Creating and developing a website takes time. Start with the website design and progress to marketing the website online to reach potential customers who are looking for products and might not know they need your products yet. A well-developed website and marketing plan are the keys to reaching as many people as possible and converting them into long-time customers.

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